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My name is Jennifer Parks. I am a sex/relationship columnist who writes for the Journal. I heard that there was a woman/people in Edmonton who makes mascot/fursuit costumes that are often used as fetish gear/for sexual role-playing. I don't know if you have any information about this or if you are in fact someone who makes costumes. If not, can you point me in the right direction? I'd love to write about this. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT soulink@shaw.ca

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have You Seen This Fur!?

This fur was sold at Fabricland stores a while back. I have no idea where else it might have been sold at.

It's a nice quality, 1/2 inch pile with a fake suede backing. The fur is a creme colour with random patches of darker tipping. Fabricland also sold a similar chocolate brown fur and a lighter creme fur. I want the shade shown - creme with brown tipping.

I require this very badly to finish a commission (I thought I had enough but was wrong). I'm interested in pieces, yards, whatever. I can pay immediately via paypal.

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Video Games Live

In regards to the Monday performance, just thought I'd pass on that the show starts at 7:30pm, rather than 8pm as it says on the ticket. Wouldn't want you to miss anything :)

As well, I'm bringing a Red XIII costume with me (here's a picture of the head in case there's another person coming as Red) so, if you're there for the costume contest, make sure you cheer for me :D

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further confusion

anyone considering in going to FC in the future? Doesn't seem like it'll happen this year (even if I could go) but we could start planning for next.

I'd like to go and sell/promote my stuff, but it's just too insanely far away and expensive for me to considering going on my own.
Welcome to the community! this is the first post! (yay!)

join have fun! tlak about stuff going in and around Alberta relating to furries and such. Or events you think would be of interet. This is pretty much a anything goes community. Just keep anything like kink or sex-related to a min. or post a link to own journal if are. As this community is a open family kind of community.

Have fun! any questions comment here!


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