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Hey Everyone.

just thought i would post this up here...


if you looking to meet up with other furs, or talk to them, or see what events we got going down. check out the forums.

this comunity is unforunately pretty much dead.

my apologies on that one.

but do check out the forums!!

Is this for real

hey there! i am glad i found this. just wondering if this is like, fursuiting furries and stuff or is it just not really anything..... because i just wanted to find edmonton furs that are like... fun and stuff not all yiff.  haha
Hey! I KNOW there are many photographers out there!

Come join us, and give to those in our community who may not be able to get portraits taken!


This is jeremy cowell this video explains what they are trying to do!

so are you going to come join us? we need photographers (amateur, hobby, professional, and other wise) a space to take these portraits in, printers, paper, ink, people to jump in and bring drinks food and do makeup and such.

Come help us get organized and help out our community!

cross posted to several edmonton communities. My apologies to those who may see this more then once!

Offering Ride to AFF

We have space for an additional person in our car to AFF. You'd be expected to pay a portion of gas and have your won accommodations at the con. We'd prefer it if you had a passport for the border crossing. We have to drivers already so being able to drive is not required. Anyone interested?

sweatshop wednesdays?

Is anyone interesting in picking up on sweatshop wednesdays again?

this is a time to get together and craft. wether you want to sew or paint or draw or learn how to crochet or teach someone else how to do something.

if there is enough interest in this, i would be willing to open up my home for this.

It can be another night as well, if wednesdays don't work for most people. what you think?

New forums and site for all of us!


Feel free to make an account and check it out!

Im still working on the site but its ready for public in my view.

Razor Bear

Oct. 1st, 2008

hey everyone out there!

So how are things going in and around edmonton?


Herrow all the Edmonton surrounding area furries ^.^, finally made a LJ i did :3, if your in the yahoo group then you may notice me from posts on there so i thought i would just give a yip to let everyone know im here now too ^.^


My friend said i should come here to look around, thank google for helping me find this lol.
Names Zin and i actually didn't know there where allot of Edmonton furs.
And as i said, i'm in Edmonton lol.
Just wanted to meet some cause i don't know alot of em.

If y'all scrounge around Fa heres my page.


Furries of Edmonton and surrounding area.
Alberta Furries Forum

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